In today’s world, with its numerous demands and pressures, so many of us live in a worrying state of anxiety.

But we do not need to be the victim of anxiety. There are things we can do to halt it in its tracks.

Anxiety Disorder Self Help

Perhaps the first thing to realize about anxiety is that it is not unique to you. If you are feeling anxious, you are not alone.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, as many as 46 percent of people living in the US will experience problems such as panic or an anxiety disorder at one time or another.

In Britain, also, anxiety disorders and panic attacks are the difficulties most often seen by doctors and therapists.

Mental Health Anxiety

So prevalent is anxiety that I have devoted two whole chapters to it and its treatment in my latest book ‘The Chi of Change’. Simply put, anxiety is the most frequent form of emotional and mental difficulty that there is. Never before have we been this rushed, this stressed, this anxious.

While some measure of anxiety is simply part of life, excessive or extreme anxiety can block us completely, preventing us from achieving our potential and living our life to the full.

Here are three simple strategies that may help you to understand and manage your anxiety.

1. Embrace It

Becoming anxious about being anxious simply sends us on a downward spiral of negative emotion. Understand that the uncomfortable feelings that tell you you’re feeling really anxious will not kill you. There really is no need to be terrified of them.

When you feel the signs of anxiety coming on — the increased heart rate, the shallow breathing, the tense muscles — just stop, and notice how you feel. NoticeĀ buy ksalol every little sensation. Do your very best to remain as an observer.

How are you breathing and holding your breath? How do the muscles in your shoulders and arms feel? What is happening with your back and your posture? What are you doing with your hands?

Notice these things, allow yourself to feel and embrace them. Be in the moment. Allowing yourself to relax into, and then beyond those scary feeling is the real key to conquering them.

Emotions are short lived if we allow them expression, but because they frighten us our tendency is to try to deny and repress them. When we sit with our emotions and allow them to be expressed, then the anxiety will automatically run its course and exhaust itself. Soon you’ll notice yourself feeling calmer and quite a bit more relaxed, even if you feel a bit tired.